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There are 2 ways to make green walls in stabilized plants

version 1 Staple all the mosses and plants is a flat and unattractive!

version 2 Exclusivity and know-how by The Green Wall
Premium Quality: Collage of all our mosses with a special plant glue
Aesthetic technique : hills, valleys ... made natural and yes nature is not flat!
Sustainability technique We prick our plants: the advantage we can change the color theme after a few years without changing the wall completely. Your Green Wall is thus evolutionary! The foams do not get stuck with time since they are glued!

First of all, the passion that drives you to discover, then the work and development with the desire for excellence and a job well done! The search, the pleasure and the wonder because every gesture is learned, understood and integrated to become itself a tool of future reflection.

The Green Wall is a team of plant layout specialists for professional booths, companies, companies and individuals. These designers, decorators and creators have decided to pool their know-how to create large-scale and large-scale plant installations. The creations are the most artistic and creative possible up to the vegetable art.

Each plant installation is unique, each client a renewal, each request is a challenge.
Our Designers and Designers work with the best Scandinavian suppliers who are the most respectful of the environment with a sustainable and eco-responsible tool to make known to the general public the concept of the stabilized plant, the presence of a stabilized vegetal wall, the elegance of stabilized plant decorations.

E-mail : info@lemurvert.com
French number: +33 458 160 601
Swiss number: +41 22 519 63 55

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Non-Artificial Stabilized Plant Wall

Nature & Comfort

We come to meet you, study and manufacture your home decoration with our range "Nature & Comfort". They are creations vegetal stabilized maintenance free 100% natural giving you volume (as nature it is not flat). It is accompanied by stones, vines, driftwood, tree bark, bamboo, birch, mushrooms: all that the plant offers more aesthetic.
These stabilized vegetal walls are composed of: flat foam and ball mousse as well as plants such as: amaranth, fern, grasses, tiki, fern, etc ...
Information about our concept Click here

Maintenance free 100% Natural indoor


Flower Wall Foam Ball

Scandinavian Prestige

The Green Wall is tailor-made for your interior decoration exclusively in high-end Scandinavian ball foam. Our stabilized vegetable creations are maintenance-free 100% natural.
We make a Prestige selection of each foam ball and each piece is worked and laid by hand. Our techniques and our know-how bring a quality upscale. Our Prestige Vegetable selection comes from Scandinavia and not from Spain or Latin America.
Info about our concept Click here

Maintenance free 100% Natural indoor


Vegetal Art on your walls

Elegance & Aesthetics

The Green Wall tailors your desire for creativity. One of our slogan is "Our only limit is your imagination". We are a plant creation workshop. We have a lot of artists circulating within our walls. We realize different partnership and workshop sharing with many creators, artists and interior designers. We exchange and share our ideas offering you a multitude of new concepts and innovative projects.
Supporting our local artists is one of our mission.
Info about our profession Click here

Maintenance free 100% Natural indoor


Vegetal Wall Lichen Scandinavian

Prestige of the Contemporary Graphic

The Green Wall elaborates with lichen a Prestihge to obtain very contemporary and graphic atmospheres. We insert 10kg M2 instead of usual 6 kg, the advantage is that we opt for a plain surface and especially without marking the different plates. Our professionalism and our exacting quality is our top priority to offer the best of Prestige to our customers.
Info about our profession Click here

Maintenance free 100% Natural indoor


Artistic Flower Decoration Creativity & Originality

Creativity & Originality

One of our slogans is: "It's not enough to look like the Green Wall to make Green Wall".
The Green Wall makes tailor-made your craziest desire. We realize the most spectacular challenges you could imagine, we love in advance our next challenge that will come out of your imagination. Enflame your creativity with us!
Info about our references Click here

Maintenance free 100% Natural indoor


Plant & Eternal Bonsai

On demand & Custom-made

Adopt Bonsais or Plants 100% Natural 0% Interview says ETERNAL
TIME TIME Several years from 10 to 15 years
Ideal for a lobby
Nice for a waiting room of a medical office
Perfect for a society
Essential for an open space of a company
Advised for your staff and collaborators
We realize custom-made on demand your choice of color height and style of Bonsais or plants.
Info to buy them Click here

Maintenance Free Bonsai 100% Natural


Artificial Plant Wall Exterior Design

Trend & Design

Artificial or Synthetic vegetal wall a good compromise with an effective rendering to optimize your exteriors as interior without any maintenance. The progress is remarkable in terms of finishes and durability over time.

Maintenance free 100% Artificial

GREEN WALL Vegetalized Vegetable Stabilized Non-artificial interior decoration

1360 Route du Biolay, 73420 Drumettaz-Clarafond, France

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5 out of 5 stars

Cherry Blue

5 out of 5 stars

posted a month ago

I worked with the company Green Wall for 2 Professional Projects and I do not intend to stop there. The result...

C Cc1972

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

A big thank you for your advice and your achievement. Finally greenery without maintenance that is more true than true. I wish you a good ...

Martine Rubin

5 out of 5 stars

posted a month ago

A total understanding of what I wanted, a great team listens and very nice thank you, I highly recommend ...

jean louis noterman

5 out of 5 stars

posted a week ago

Result beyond imagination is breathtaking. I will not hesitate to advertise. They are professionals outside ...


5 out of 5 stars

posted a month ago

They are really artists! They made a green wall at home, a wonder that everyone wants me. I put pictures for ...

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