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The Green Wall is in Switzerland

The new maintenance-free plant decoration is coming to Switzerland in force. One of the best acoustic insulation with a strong absorption of voices for all shops: restaurant, hotel, meeting room, company, business, trade, store etc ...
Give a new image to your company in Switzerland!
A trendy image, eco responsible, respectful of the environment, with healthy and natural products.
No allergies No release of CO2 100% Natural
Change Universe with The Green Wall
Tel: 022 519 63 55

Green vegetated wall in Switzerland

Green Art SA Thonon Road 152B
CH - 1222 Vesenaz
Canton of GENEVA

Phone contact +41 22 519 63 55

Customized creation for all your desires and interior design projects.
We are specialists since 2014 in this very specific area which is stabilized. We have a unique know-how and a unique technique to create volume to offer you a result up to your expectations that will be very close to the reality of nature.

"... with The Green Wall: Change Universe!"
We will meet all the challenges that you would be able to ask us.
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